Privacy policy of Stefan Jucker GmbH

Valid from: 18.03.2019, Version 2.1

The protection of privacy and data protection are important for Stefan Jucker GmbH. Stefan Jucker GmbH will thus endeavour to treat all data collected with care and will comply with the provisions of the Swiss Data Protection Act when collecting and compiling data.

1 Collection of data
All access to the websites of Stefan Jucker GmbH (, and will be recorded without personal data. This will occur for statistical purposes and in order to maintain service provision. The following data will be recorded:

The IP address of the computer accessing the website, the date and time of access, the name and URL of the page or file viewed, the name or URL or any file uploaded, the quantity of data transferred and the type of data transfer (get/post), the browser type and the operating system used to gain access and the referring website (referrer). Under certain circumstances, this may also include the search terms used in order to find a website.

2 Cookies
The websites of Stefan Jucker GmbH (, and use cookies. Cookies are small text files that are saved permanently or temporarily on your computer when visiting a website. Cookies are intended in particular to analyse website usage or session information, to improve navigation, for statistical analysis and for the ongoing improvement of our service.

You can disable all or certain cookies at any time on your web browser. However, if cookies are disabled you may no longer be able to use all of our website’s functions.
You can find further information here on how to delete cookies from Internet Explorer and Mozilla.

2.1 Used Cookies

All websites of Stefan Jucker GmbH (, und use these cookies for website visitors:

Cookie NameOriginUsed forData holdCookie-TypCookie livespan
pll_languageWordPress PluginLanguage setting of the website'en' for english, 'de' for germanPermanent12 month
cookie_notice_acceptedWordPress PluginAcceptance of cookie consen'true' if consent was acceptedPermanent3 month
PIWIK_SESSID3rd party, Matomo webanalyticsAnonymous user recognition by Matomo webanalyticsSession IDSessionSession
piwik_ignore3rd party, Matomo webanalyticsOpt-Out instruction by the user for Matomo webanalytics'Ignore'-TagPermanent24 month

3 Matomo
All websites from Stefan Jucker GmbH (, und use the Open-Source Software Matomo  for website user tracking and reporting. Data collected on Stefan Jucker GmbH websites (, und will never be made available to third parties. The data will only be used to enhance the experience Stefan Jucker GmbH offers to its client. All IP addresses get anonymized by cutting off the last two tuples. Matomo also uses Cookies (refer to 2.1).



3.2 Do-Not-Track
Matomo does not collect any data at all if your web browser supports the “Do-No-Track” functionality and you activated this feature yourself.

With the usage of Stefan Jucker GmbH websites (, und you explicitly agree on the collection and usage of data through Matomo for the above-mentioned purpose.

4 External links
Responsibility for any information and services that can be reached from our website through external links lies entirely with the third party in question. Stefan Jucker GmbH does not accept any liability for the content, completeness and proper operation of linked websites.

5 Changes to this Privacy Policy
Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be published on this page.

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